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Fitness Classes

Zumba                                   Mon eve                             £5

Zumba Gold                          Thurs morn                        £5                                                             

Clubbercise                           Tues eve                           £5

GLOWSTICKS                                                                £5

50+ STRENGTH CLASS.      Wed morn.                        £5




Pilates classes                Mon eve             £44 per 6 week block

Pilates classes                Mon Morn           £44 per 6 week block

Pilates classes                Tues morn          £44 per 6 week block

Pilates classes.               Tues eve            £44 per 6 week block

Pilates classes.               Wed eve             £44 per 6 week block

Men on Mats Pilates       Wed eve             £44 per 6 week block

PIilates classes               Thurs Morn         £44 per 6 week block

Pilates  classes               Thurs Eve           £44 per 6 week block

Pilates                              Fri Morn             £44 per 6 week block



Private Group Training and Private Fitness Classes

Please contact me for a quote.

Group Training can be undertaken at your place of work or private residence (provided adequate space is available).


I can offer your group a variety of training/classes including:

Interval Training

Pilates classes

Stability ball classes

Legs Bums and Tums classes

Zumba Fitness classes

Zumba Gold classes

Circuit training

Step classes

Aerobic classes

core/and abdominal targeting classes

kettlebell classes

Clubbercise classes



Personal Training and 1 on 1 Pilates sessions


INITIAL   CONSULTATION                                                 FREE                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Health Fitness and lifestyle                                                   £40.00    Assessment.                                                                        

This involves a fitness appraisal and discussion

to determine current fitness levels.

It is instrumental to measuring achievement

and provides a baseline for individual goal setting
and exercise prescription. This session is

compulsory before any training sessions take




Single Sessions.                                                                 £40.00                    

One hour Personal Training session

on a pay as you go basis



10 Sessions                                                                         £350                                         

Payable in advance.                                                      


Cancellation policy

Please note that any session cancelled or rearranged at less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.


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