What is a Men on Mats Class?





Pilates for Men

Real men don’t do Pilates do they?



You might be forgiven for thinking that, but consider the professional sportsmen and male celebrities such as the New Zealand All Blacks, Premier footballers including David Beckham, Olympic athletes , the England Cricket Team,  Hugh Grant, Sting, John Cleese , Tiger Woods all of whom use Pilates regularly as part of their general fitness, well being and to recover from injuries.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be a professional sportsperson or otherwise to reap the many benefits of Pilates.

Pilates is incredibly effective because it improves your inner core strength and that is something men can benefit from as much as women can.


 It is a very intelligent form of working out. It prevents injury. It alleviates pain. It is widely regarded as a top form of physical therapy around the world. It increases physical strength and stamina. As an added bonus, it makes you look fantastic. Pilates in no way, shape or form, is a workout just for women, in fact it was created by a man ,Joseph Pilates , and later adapted for women. Don’t be scared of the unknown men ,You will be very happy you tried it!



improve flexibilty


Men generally have less flexibility and a greater degree of upper body strength than women so Pilates helps to create longer, more agile muscles as well as to counter-strengthen the core and lower body.



Muscle development

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is muscle development. A lot of men are conscious about how their muscle system develops. But, unlike weight lifting and muscle-building exercises (which contract muscles and make muscles stiff and bulky), Pilates strengthens muscles making them lean, long, and defined. Muscle strength created through Pilates gives men more flexibility and freedom of movement. Having strong, balanced muscles is important for men to move efficiently and perform daily activities.



Gain core strength



Gaining core strength is among the many advantages of practicing Pilates, and this is where a lot of men find the benefit of Pilates enticing. Aside from strengthening one's muscles, it is also important for men to have a good strong core to protect them from injuries.



Increase mind-body awareness


Pilates focuses on deep breathing, which brings an increased mind-to-body awareness. For men who are stressed, Pilates can help relax a busy mind as one concentrates on the mind-to-body connection during the one-hour workout. At the end of the Pilates class, participants feel a sense of renewed energy with a deeper understanding of their body.


This class has no more than 12 participants, please contact me to book your place or  discuss any health concerns you may have .


Check out my class timetable page for more information on 'Men On Mats' Pilates classes.

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